"A highly professional team approach to fitness. Totally Designed
Body offers a breadth of services. They have the sensitivity to
determine each client's needs, the knowledge to assess the client's strengths and limitations, and a diverse group of trainers and fitness modalities to allow each individual to achieve his or her fitness objectives safely. I have seen them work equally well with an elite athlete and an osteoporic patient seeking to increase her ability to accomplish activities of daily living. I have complete confidence in Totally Designed Body."
Shonni Silverberg, M.D.

"Seriously overweight and out-of-shape, and seeking to improve my health, I decided to invest in a five-day Totally Designed Boot Camp (TDBC) experience. Tara, Victor and the TDBC staff tailored a program specifically for me and worked with me throughout the week to teach me strategies, techniques and activities that I could really use in my daily life to help me achieve my goals.
Because TDBC provided me with such a strong foundation, I have been able to change my lifestyle and habits to begin to create good health and am happy to be on a far healthier path. I have lost ten percent of my bodyweight, I now excercise regularly (even when I travel), pay close attention to my diet, and feel much, much better. My friends and family notice that I look leaner and healthier! I look forward to continuing to work with TDB in the future."
Edith E. Beatty, Ed.D, Educational Administrator, Vermont

"I have been a client of Totally Designed Body for several years.
Working directly with Tara Dawn Bach-Martinez in a mix of personal training, Pilates and Yoga, I have seen my body improve dramatically both in flexibility and in strength. I look forward to each session and am always amazed at how I feel upon completion. Tara is a real pro, understands her field, studies hard to stay up to date, and combines that expertise with a sensitivity and concern that is individual to each client. I could not be more satisfied."
Steve Solomon

"Training twice a week with Totally Designed Body has made a huge difference in my body and mind. I never get bored during my sessions and, "knock on wood," have not had any lower back pain since I started working with them about a year and a half ago. I know my workouts are safe and tailored to my particular body. I love them both as people and my only regret is that I didn't start training with them sooner!"
Susan Unterberg

"A little more than five years ago my wife and I decided that it was
time to get our out-of-shape bodies into a condition that would at least allow us to walk up a flight of stairs without reaching for an oxygen tank. Totally Designed Body introduced us to Diana Laurenson who has given us back much of our youthful vigor and strength. In addition to a given set of exercises we do on our own, my wife and I meet with Diana separately each week (since we each have different needs) and we have truly never felt better. When I first tried to perform a Pilates "roll-up" I couldn't raise my body two inches. Now when I do an entire Pilates series I'm really amazed to see what progress I've made. My wife and I are ecstatic at how much healthier and physically conditioned we've become during our training."
Nancy and Dennis Pelz-Paget

"One of the best things to happen to the 2000 employees at The
Interchurch Center was Tara Dawn Bach-Martinez and her wonderful personal trainers, reflexologists and teachers. They run stretching/toning/yoga/Pilates/aerobic exercise classes twice a week during the lunch hour. They orient folk to our exercise equipment. These orientations include lectures on safe exercise and the importance of stretching, as well as proper use of the machines. Instruction is even given on exercise that can be done at home. The emphasis, always, is on total health. Once or twice a year, The Interchurch Center runs a Health Fair. Tara and her crew give lectures and demonstrations on exercise, conduct Body Mass Index and Body Fat assessments and just are "all around" motivators!"
Abby T. Drucker, RN, ANP, Clinical Coordinator
The Medical Office at The Interchurch Center, New York City

"Having tried many other workouts, Totally Designed Body offers the
most effective one I have found. It is the optimal combination of aerobic exercise, interval and strength training, and flexibility using Pilates and Yoga techniques. The intense focus on form and alignment results in a strenuous but safe workout. The trainers are so focused and responsive that I have a tailored workout for my body each day -- which keeps it challenging, interesting and never stale!!!"
Diane Spilker

"I have worked in the fitness industry for more than 20 years and find
the team of teachers and trainers from Totally Designed Body (TDB)
to be among the best in New York City. Co-directors Tara Dawn
Bach-Martinez, Victor Martinez and their staff offer cutting-edge
programs in all areas of fitness. It is a pleasure to work with and
recommend this fine group of professionals."
Timothy J. Callaghan, Director of Liberty Fitness

"The TDB team is very reliable. They take their work very seriously and enjoy every minute of it, even if it means waking up at 4:30 in the morning. They put 100% effort into their training. In addition to being extremely friendly and nice to talk to, they are very professional and knowledgeable. After we are finished training with them, we feel that our bodies have been replenished. Every time we have a question, they always know the answer and seem to have insightful information about our bodies. Every time we are in pain, they always know a way to fix it. THEY ARE THE BEST!!!"
Deb and Alexia Staley

"The trainers at Totally Designed Body are devoted and knowledgeable. I am always impressed by their caring attitude and ability to apply their vast knowledge. My training is mostly rehabilitation and they have been instrumental in helping me achieve everyday life functional ability. They have an intuitive sense of the challenges I face and incorporate the whole of the body to make it a very personal experience. I see them three times a week."
Doris Wiener

"THE BEST!!! After nearly two decades of intense weekly training, I can unquestionably say that I have the most educated, conscientious, caring exercise physiologist in the field. I am one lucky client to have someone who constantly researches the latest techniques and educates me about my health. The respect and responsibility that characterizes Tara Dawn Bach-Martinez is outstanding."
Carolyn Straker

"Tara and Victor are truly inspirational trainers. They are always
encouraging me to do more than I think I can possibly achieve. They
are a pleasure to work with every day. Their integrity and commitment
to their clients is very unique. When I train with them, they make me
feel that I am the only person they have been with all day. They are
enthusiastic and always very positive in their attitudes and approach
to life. They are the most wonderful people I have known."
Diana Cohen

"I have been with Totally Designed Body for over 10 years. I have worked with several teachers and trainers and been fortunate enough to experience Reflexology, which I have had regularly for the past four years. Their integrity, expertise, compassion and dedication are outstanding. I feel my health and activity level would not be what it is today if it were not for Totally Designed Body. They have gotten me through many phases of my life and I appreciate them more than I can put into words."
Jane Foster

"Totally Designed Body is made up of the finest fitness professionals
I know. They are totally committed to providing the highest quality
personal training for their clients. Their unparalleled backgrounds
and numerous certifications make them uniquely qualified to meet
the needs of those lucky enough to work with them. I could not
recommend them more highly."
Geralyn Coopersmith, MA CSCS, Exercise Physiologist



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