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Gyms and Training Locations:
Where can I receive training?
We train in your home, home gym, office, via Zoom or at a beautiful gym or Pilates studio on the Upper East Side of New York City.

If I come to your facility, do I have to pay a gym fee in addition to the training session fee?

Training session prices vary. Please submit contact information to receive a brochure with price list.

I currently belong to a gym. Can one of your trainers work with me at my gym?
Most health clubs do not allow trainers from outside companies to train their members in their gyms, but we encourage you to investigate your gym's policy regarding outside trainers.

Do your trainers travel outside of Manhattan?

I want to work out at home but do not have any equipment; will I be able to accomplish anything?
Absolutely. With a few inexpensive, portable tools and a well-designed program, you will achieve excellent results

I travel a lot. How can I stay in shape?
From simple chair yoga on the airplane to a hotel-room workout with portable, lightweight tubing, our trainers can give you a complete travel-friendly exercise program.

Do I have to train every week?
No, we have clients that train daily, weekly, monthly or travel in from out of state or country once every 3 - 6 months. We can also just do an evaluation for you so you are able to workout in gym on your own in a more productive manner.

Do you take insurance of physical therapy services?
No, It is fee for service with Dr. Tara Dawn Bach.

Do I have to a prescription for physical therapy?
No, since it is fee for service. However you must provide a diagnosis from you MD and have your release for signed by your MD. This also allows, (with your consent), the Dr. Bach to contact your MD for coordination of care.


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