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Achieving Results
I have tried every exercise and diet available without results. Can you help me?
The key is finding what works for you. We will work with you to design a realistic, manageable program that emphasizes the positive -- what you can do rather than what you can't -- so that exercise and proper nutrition enrich your life and become something you feel good about committing to over the long haul.

I have been working out on my own for many years. Initially I made improvements but now I seem stuck. Can you get me back on track?
Often people who work out on their own hit a plateau. We can review your current program and make minor changes (or a complete overhaul) to increase the workload and intensity and add variety in a safe, appropriate progression for maximum results for your body.

How long will it take to see results after I start with my trainer?
This is difficult to answer. There are many variables -- your past workout history, your body type, your commitment and your present condition. After your evaluation, we will be able to give you a better idea.

Pilates, Yoga, Resistance Training! How do I choose? And what about all the different types of Body Work, how do I know which is right for me?
After your evaluation, when we know you better, we will make recommendations based on your fitness goals, personality type, interests and needs. Of course, you are always welcome to experience each discipline for yourself and make your decision based on what feels right; but if you are not sure, then you can trust our staff of experts to develop a program that is right for you.

Can I do more than one technique?
Absolutely. Many people cross-train doing a combination of all techniques. For example, Pilates one day a week, Resistance Training twice a week and Yoga once a week.

Will I have the same trainer/teacher for Pilates, Yoga and Resistance Training?
We have specialists in each field who work with you only in their area of expertise. The specialists then work as a team to oversee your "total" fitness.


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