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Pilates combines breath, strength, flexibility and core stabilization to improve postural alignment and lengthen and tone the body without placing undue stress on the joints. In Pilates, the abdominal and lower back area are referred to as the "powerhouse." These deep or "core" muscles of the mid-torso area are essential for all activities. Pilates teaches you to stabilize these muscles while performing a variety of movements. You will be taught a sequence of mind/body exercises that emphasize the eight basic principles of Pilates -- centering, balance, control, breathing, precision, concentration, awareness and flowing movement. We offer two ways to experience Pilates:

Perfect for groups and in-home training, Pilates mat-work requires no equipment.

Two different box-like structures with springs and straps -- the Reformer has a moving base while the Cadillac is fixed -- that allow for a variety of exercises to be performed with resistance through a muscle's full range of motion.

All of our Pilates teachers are members of the Pilates Method Alliance. To find out more about Pilates, go to the Pilates Method Alliance web site at





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