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Mark Twain

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Performing Arts/Theater PT

The rigors professional performers—especially dancers and athletes—go through for optimal performance are taxing on the body. Consistent onsite physical therapy provides preventative treatment and positive outcomes for continued performance, often catching injuries before they manifest. Home Exercise Programs (HEPs) address any imbalances that cause potential injuries. Working with a PT who has an understanding of the demands dancers place on their bodies and their challenging performance schedules is key to achieving optimal results. I work with dancers in co-creating to resolve discomfort—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually—during treatment.

Services Offered
Ultrasound Cupping
Therapeutic Deep Tissue
PT Therex
Energy Healing
Rocktape (with nude tape)

Broadway Shows
Phantom of the Opera
Come From Away
Dear Evan Hansen

$350 per hour minimum, 3-hour site visit.
All services are fee for service.

Totally Designed Body does not participate with any insurance companies, Medicare, Medicaid, or workers compensation.
Create your own needs schedule:
Before performance
Between matinee and evening performance
1 x week or more

Theater/studio must provide massage table to be kept at
location and an area for treatment. Sign-up sheet available to performers prior to treatment day. 20-minute on-site minimum time, extended times can be discussed. Ongoing Home Exercise Program (HEP) support provided via email for those who have been treated by Dr. Bach.

Safe Environment
Face Cradles for each person; alcohol wipe downs;
individual patches; clean sterile cups for cupping;
masking as required

Strengthening & Balancing
Dr. Bach offers on site classes to promote balance and strength of muscles combining Yoga, Pilates, and floor therex based on sound physical therapy principles. This helps to prevent injuries and decrease overuse from repetitive choreography or movements. Dr. Bach’s class supports in lining up the skeletal system by providing balance musculature and increases functional flexibility to protect the integrity of the joints and connective tissue. Classes before shows, or between matinees and evening performances. Having on site classes makes it simple and easy for performers to attend.
$250 per class - 45 minutes
$300 per class - 60 minute

“I met Tara at the Broadway show Phantom of the Opera. I’m a ballerina and singer there. She’s my favorite physical therapist I’ve ever worked with. I’ve been dancing as a professional dancer for 18 years. I worked with many physical therapists of ballet companies internationally in China and in the US. And I can say Tara is one who really cares. She understands our bodies and muscles, gives amazing treatments and very useful suggestions. She not only took care of me physically, but I loved talking with her, and she’s always so warm and cheerful.”
Xiaoxiao Cao, (Phantom of the Opera)

“I’ve been a professional dancer for thirteen years and counting. Throughout my career and continuous training, I’ve worked with numerous physical therapists and can say Tara is phenomenal. Her work differs from other therapists because she takes into account not just physical pain, but the entirety of the human mind, body, and spirit. She understands the body and movement with the extreme mindfulness and detailedness of a dancer. She knows which muscles one tends to overuse and underuse, leading to overcompensation and pain. I also notice her various treatment options and comprehensive understanding of the human experience always makes me feel noticeably better for days after just one session. On top of that, Tara is simply a joy to be around. A true beacon of warm light for anyone who works with her. I cannot recommend her enough!”
Erica Wong, (Phantom of the Opera, M. Butterfly, The King & I)

Contact me today at to begin this magical adventure of resolving discomfort—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually—during treatment.


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