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Office Wellness Events
Healthy, Happy Employees = Increased Productivity
Totally Designed Body
will help you promote healthy happy employees with our "Wellness Events".Treat your employees once a week, month or year to the services we provide. You may combine any of the services or just use one. On site:
Chair massage
Weekly Lunch Time Chair Stretch Classes or demos at Wellness Day
Fitness assessments

Chair Massage: $250 per hour ($100 charge if we provide the chair)
For a "Wellness Day"
We will see 4 people an hour for hand and foot reflexology. There is a 3-hour minimum for onsite services. Participants will need to be barefoot.

Chair Stretch and Exercise Class: $300
(to reduce neck and back discomfort)
We will see up to 20 people in a 30 or 45 minute class. Participants will learn exercises that will help reduce pain from computer work etc. A chair is required and participant may stay fully clothed. Or during a "Wellness Day" participants will be provided a handout with exercises to be performed at their desk and shown by our exercise physiologist.

Fitness Assessments: $200 per staff per hour
One staff = 3 participants being seen per hour
Two staff = 6 participants being seen per hour
Three staff = 9 participants being seen per hour

Each participant will leave with own sheets that have
calculated their personal:

Body Fat Calipers - (% of fat)
BMI - Body Mass Index
Hip to Waist Ratio - (determines risk % for cardiovascular pathologies)
Heart Rate - to determine appropriate for participant to be working for exercises. 60%, 70%, and 80% heart rates will be calculated right then
Blood Pressure - informative discussion with participant to set goals for fitness program that are safe and correct for each individual (all must fill out intake forms prior to testing for: medications, injuries and contra indications to aid in the development of most appropriate program)
Postural Exercises - provided to each participant Participants will be seen, 25 - 30 minutes, and each will be provided with postural exercises or whatever is appropriate for the participant. This will require 1 - 2 staff, plus Dr. Tara Dawn Bach - Martinez, DPT.









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