There is nothing training cannot do.
Mark Twain

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Post-Rehabilitation and Medical Conditions
If you have diabetes, Type I or Type II, studies show that regular exercise can help you avoid complications and lead a healthier life. We follow your doctor's guidelines when designing your program and monitor your blood glucose levels during exercise so you can work out safely and effectively.

Knee Problems
From chondromalacia to knee replacements, we work with your doctor and/or physical therapist to reduce pain, optimize joint stability and enhance functionality.

Back Problems
A great deal of back pain is caused by muscle imbalance, core weakness, bad posture and inefficient movement patterns. We will help you strengthen and lengthen postural musculature to restore balance, develop your core muscles to create a stronger foundation for your body, and teach you more efficient ways of moving to eliminate your current back pain and prevent it from recurring.

Appropriate exercise programs that include visualization and breathing techniques can help offset some of the more difficult side-effects for those undergoing radiation or chemotherapy as treatment for cancer. Many cancer patients report a higher degree of pain management, increased strength and energy, a more positive outlook and faster recovery when they exercised regularly.

Weight-bearing exercise can help maintain your bone density and prevent further bone loss. We follow your doctor's recommendations to create a program specifically designed to protect your bones.

Pre- and Post-Surgery
Depending on the kind of surgery you are having, we can design programs that will help manage pain and speed recovery by keeping surrounding areas strong and flexible.

Joint Conditions
Whether due to over-training, surgery, genetic predisposition, skeletal misalignments or arthritis, joint pain can often be reduced and mobility improved by strengthening surrounding muscles and improving movement patterns.

We offer stretching and toning classes or one-on-one sessions for those in wheelchairs. Programs are designed to increase strength, flexibility and comfort for people with multiple sclerosis, cancer, stroke, paralysis and other disabling conditions.

Disease Risk Reduction/Overall Health Improvement
Hardly a day goes by without a new study pointing to the link between inactivity and disease. Risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes (Type II), high cholesterol, depression, anxiety and stress-related disorders can all be reduced with a consistent, well-designed exercise and nutrition program.





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