There is nothing training cannot do.
Mark Twain

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Totally Designed Boot Camp (TDBC)
Looking to make lifestyle changes and need a jump-start? Or are you bored with your current routine and looking to "sample" some new techniques? Perhaps you are a bride preparing for your big day or maybe you just need a retreat but don't have time to go to a spa?

Our Totally Designed Boot Camp may be just what you need -- an intensive one-on-one program designed specifically for your level and goals. You determine the plan -- three, seven or ten days.

After a detailed evaluation (see Fitness Evaluation) personally conducted by Tara or Victor Martinez, you will have three to four one-on-one sessions each day with specialists in each of the following areas:
Resistance Training
Cardiovascular Training
Active Isolated Stretch
Stress Reduction/Relaxation

At the end of the day a reflexologist or massage therapist will meet you at your hotel or home to help you unwind. With the information we gather during the evaluation, we work to ensure that your Boot Camp experience is "Totally Designed" with your needs, goals and preferences in mind. You will leave TDBC refreshed, renewed and -- with your evaluation results, our recommendations, and an in-home exercise program you can do yourself --ready to go!






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